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Meet the Smith’s. They want to rent their property in Newcastle but like many property owners, they are worried about things going wrong, you know things like tenants damaging their property or not paying the rent on time as well as bigger things like how to maximise their rental income.

What they really need is a property manager to guide them through the whole process, but where can they find a good one? One they can really trust?

Maybe they should try nobullrealestate.com.au They have a small local team of dedicated residential property managers who specialise 100% in residential property management. Our senior property manager is also on the Real Estate Institutes Property Management Chapter, giving a voice to changes required to protect landlords more.

Their one focus is residential property management not to mention they offer their entire properly management service for one competitive fee so there is no paying thousands of dollars up front or getting slugged with any unexpected hidden fees, meaning the Smith’s will have more rental income from day one.

The Smith’s will also be able to log on to nobullrealestate.com.au 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and be able to download all of their properties relevant documentation as well as having the option to view all inspection photos and reports to see first hand the condition of the property and calculate and view their rental income and expenses for any given period.

The Smith’s were also relieved to know they will have a constantly growing tenant database system at their disposal with pre-registered tenants who are on the lookout for rental properties just like theirs. So make sure you keep up with the Smith’s by checking out nobullrealestate.com.au today or call them now on 02 49552624 for quick and easy, hassle free information