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– Hi, and welcome to another episode of Under Sugarloaf TV. Today, we’re going to be talking to Dr. Mark Simpson about one of the family favorite pets, the dog. Well, welcome, and today we are talking to Dr. Mark Simpson and today’s topic is going to be about the all time favorite pet around the home, the family dog. Mark, could you just start by telling us the most common question that you would be asked in relation to dogs?

– For sure. We love seeing our dogs and the most common thing that we get asked about them is what they eat and how it might upset their stomach. We definitely see lots and lots of dogs who get into food items that they shouldn’t, and it can definitely make them sick in a variety of ways, very often giving them a bit of a belly ache, they might even throw up and some diarrhea. That would be the most common sort of dog problem we see.

– [Jon] I could well imagine with dogs, who like to eat just about anything. Yeah. So Mark, secondly there are phases where people like different breeds of dogs at different stages through time. Could you just tell us currently, what would you suggest is the most current or the most popular breed of dog?

– Well, at the moment, it’s almost overwhelming the number of Frenchies, French Bulldogs and puggs that we get to see, and the pugg crosses. All those cute, squashed in face dogs, they seem to be all the rage at the moment, Jon.

– [Jon] And in relation to those particular breeds, I know previously like with Labradors and things that they end up with hip problems and things like that. Could you just tell our viewers what you would see is the most common problem that comes along with the current popular breed?

– Well, it all has to do with their anatomy. And the anatomy of their face because it’s squashed in, it does make it, and a technical word for that’s brachycephalic syndrome. It does mean that their airways are all scrunched up and it’s much harder for them to get air through. And some of the dogs that are severely affected might even need surgery to correct those anatomical faults and allow them to breathe normally. A lot of the dogs will have almost like a permanent asthma ticking over, but one of the things that’s really important for these dogs and something that people should be aware of at home, is that they are exceedingly prone to heatstroke. Because dogs pant to blow off heat, these dogs that are brachycephalic are very inefficient at that process. And so they pant furiously, generating a lot of body heat, but they only blow a very little bit of it off. And so if the weather is hot, particularly if it’s humid, they very quickly can overheat and even get to the point of developing heat stroke, Jon. We’ve definitely had dogs that have died from that process. So being conscious of the fact that they can’t thermoregulate very well, particularly when it’s hot, being aware that they’re panting, making sure they’ve got a cool spot, maybe even access to air conditioning, definitely make sure their water has a little bit of ice in it, that maybe they’ve got a little pool they can dunk themselves in, that they’ve got a shady spot that they can cool down and that’s really, really important.

– [Jon] Well, thank you, Mark. That’s been very informative, and I’m sure for a lot of people that are looking to buy a dog, that some of those things are important to consider when purchasing an animal, because, of course, it is a lifetime experience with an animal. So again, I thank you very much for the information today and I hope the viewers have enjoyed the information.

– [Mark] Genuinely, My pleasure.

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