Trends emerging the bedrooms

Like other areas of the house, the furnishing and decoration of the bedroom has changed a lot over the years. There’s a lot you can do to ensure your property represents current trends to either attract buyers or your ideal occupant, from the sponged feature walls of decades past to neatly pressed valances to today’s potted plant-donned spaces.

In this article we offer an overview of some of the developments in the bedroom that emerged as COVID-19 has modified our lifestyle.

Attach a office area in the bedroom
With many individuals often working at home, and not always having a designated space in their home for work, unofficial offices in some people’s homes have become an integrated component of the bedroom. This is something to think about whether you are thinking about selling an investment property or searching for new ones

A comfortable, wellness environment
Since some people used part of their bedrooms as office, others used parts of their rooms as space for health and well-being. Latest developments include the addition of accessories for a relaxing meditation and relaxation corner such as a yoga mat and incense, or free weights and resistance bands for those seeking a more vigorous workout. If there is space in the bedroom or other areas of the home to work out, think about this while selling the property to prospective buyers and tenants.

Updates can save space
If your investment property is empty and you know that the size of the bedroom has been a concern for previous tenants, you might look at some minor improvements to help save space and attract better quality tenants potentially. Small finishes such as the bedside pendant lights on bedside tables can free up space.

The secret is natural light
It ‘s critical to potential buyers and tenants alike the amount of natural light in a house. If your property is currently empty, consider how much natural light your property is receiving and consider ways to increase the amount of natural light streaming into the bedroom. This could involve improvements to window coverings, or eliminating outside obstructions if necessary.

If you are currently selling an investment property or searching for some great new tenants, it’s important to make sure your property looks like a place where people want to spend a lot of their time, particularly now. Investing some time now, and probably some money, in making your property look and feel as livable as possible will pay off in several ways depending on your goals. You could sell your investment faster than you planned, you could secure a better price than you wished, or you could secure dream tenants, making a little extra work worth it now.

Note this article is not a financial or legal advice. Please check with your financial and legal specialist counsel before making any decisions on your own.

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