Rethink your mortgage insurance

Lenders’ Mortgage Insurance (LMI) is common for purchasing a property as an extra charge. However, some experts believe that LMI can work for investors. For the lender, LMI is critical because it protects them if you can not pay your mortgage any longer. However, how will LMI work for you as an investor? We ‘re looking at how LMI plays for investors in this article.

The rationale for LMI
If your loan-to-value ratio is greater than 80% of a property investment value, you might be more likely to be in default on a loan than someone who paid a larger deposit. That is the main reason why lenders need LMI – for protecting properties with high LVRs from the increased risk exposure.

So what’s the calculation of LMI?
Depending on the insurer, the LMI is calculated in various ways. The cost of your loan, deposit size, form of loan and condition of your job can vary in your premium. Some websites have LMI estimators that can help you compare various options. You will also be able to get advise from your mortgage broker.
You should not find an LMI provider too difficult to find if you work in a high-demand paid industry. Many LMI providers see occupations such as doctors , dentists and lawyers as low risk and can remove the LMI for a loan.

Consider LMI as an opportunity
While the LMI is a security net for people who borrow more than 80 percent of a property value, some property owners, including Mario Borg, Mortgage Broker and Strategic Finance Manager, claim that LMI should be considered a ‘investment rather than a expense’ by investors.

LMI will allow investors to buy a property if their deposit is below 20% of the value of the house. This will allow you to purchase property early, rather than waiting for a deposit to be saved and lost or paid off later. In such situations, the cost of capital growth and LMI than on remaining out of the market can be measured and evaluated so that a investment is saved and missed, which could cost more than the LMI premium.

An excellent way to expand your portfolio
LMI will help you protect your next property if you’re an investor who wants to develop your portfolio, without using your current property equity too much. You can add property faster and with a smaller investment add more assets to your portfolio.

Note, financial or legal advice is not included in this report. Before making any decisions for yourself, please consult your competent financial and legal advisors.

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