Going stir crazy in your home?

Although some parts of Australia are opening up for business, others are slowing down a bit. This means a lot of people still spend more time at home than usual, so at this point, it’s easy to begin feeling a little tired of your environment! With social distancing and other steps now in place for three months across Australia, the initial novelty of working from home (if that’s something you’ve had been doing), puzzles, and board games might have worn off.

Here are some easy ways to change up your day and feel somewhat more refreshed if you’re feeling sick of your home and going crazy a little stir.

Have first workout in the morning
The mornings are getting pretty cold and dark, so getting outside is a perfect way to get your body moving and blood pumping first thing in the morning even if it’s only for a 15 minute stroll. If you know you’re going to be tempted to hit the snooze on your alarm, try placing your alarm across the other corner of your bedroom and layout your workout gear before you go to bed the evening before.

Reconfigure your furniture
Pick a room, or a few spaces, in your home and play about with the arrangement of the furnishings. We slip so quickly into routines and routine that it can be difficult to believe that our living spaces might be organised in hundreds of different ways. When you’re faced with an oddly formed space or small area, you may try to mix up the room decor with other things from around your house.

Care of  your potted plants
Once you see the plants have enjoyed their sunbath or some fresh fertiliser, spending some time caring for your potted plants is not only soothing but rewarding. When your plants look especially dehydrated and thirsty from winter heating, consider putting your plants in the shower with gently flowing cold water for a few minutes. Before you put it back in its regular place, you’ll need to let the water drain well from the container, but your plants will thank you for this little treat!

Enjoy a coffee or tea at a new location
Have you ever looked from a new view at part of your house, and seen something amazing and interesting? Perhaps it is how the sun hits the floors in the middle of the morning. Or, perhaps it’s looking through the door to the next room from one side of your house that makes you think you’ve done a fantastic job of decorating. Take a bit of time in a new part of your home to enjoy tea or coffee, and look around to see what new things you ‘re discovering about your house.

It’s fair to say that to anyone so far it’s been a less than traditional year so finding little ways to bring some fun and imagination to your day is a welcome break that can make you feel refreshed.

Note this article is not a financial or legal advice. Before making any decisions for yourself, please consult your qualified financial and legal advisors.

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