Glimpses from the past

Glimpses from the past - Under Sugarloaf

I’m sorry to say, that some people think that if you are from Under Sugarloaf area, then you will never get anywhere in the world.

Here is one example that may help disprove that thought.

Remember this guy?

EDDIE CHARLTON:  Few people realize that Eddie was a West Wallsend boy and that his family remained living in Carrington Street.  Most people think of him as coming from Swansea as that was where Eddie began his rise to fame, playing in his brother, Joseph’s, Snooker Rooms there.

Who was Eddie Charlton?

He was born in 1929 here and died in 2004 in New Zealand. Eddie worked as a Coal miner until he was 31, and then turned Professional Snooker player when he was 34.  Eddie was known to be totally dedicated, totally self-disciplined. Nicknamed “Steady Eddie”

Eddie received world acclaim as being the top snooker player, and he was often on the well known television show named “Pot Black”, and he played Snooker right up to the end of his life.  Eddie was the only Australian since Walter and Horace Lindrum to reach the highest level of the game.

Another of his achievements was when he carried the Olympic Torch in the 1959 Melbourne Games.

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