Glimpses from the past

Glimpses from the past - Under Sugarloaf

Charlene was a student at West Wallsend High School in the 1980s. Her family lived in Holmesville. Charlene began training at West Wallsend High School in 1983, when aged 13, under History Teacher/Karate teacher Brian Hayes, and she began to excel at it.
She was reported to be Australia’s first WKF Karate World Champion in 20 years of Australia’s participation and was a three times World Women’s Karate Champion. Charlene Machin is a shodan in Chito-Ryu.  Charlene was WKF (World Karate Federation) all styles world karate champion in 1992. Following the 1992 WKF World Championships.
Unfortunately there was little local recognition for her efforts at that time.  In 1995 Charlene tried for a position with the very popular TV show,  “Gladiators” and succeeded to become known as “Storm”

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