Glimpses from the past

Jennifer Hakins Miss Universe - Under Sugarloaf

Well known and appreciated for her down to earth approach to world fame when she became Miss Universe 2004. Jenny has remained a down to earth, natural Australian, with no airs and graces. Jennifer remains in the limelight as a result of her world title, and Holmesville is proud of her, and we thank her for putting Holmesville and our local area on the map.

Raised in Holmesville, Jennifer Hawkins currently resides in Sydney. She attended High School at West Wallsend. She is one of four children. Jennifer was a cheerleader for the rugby league team Newcastle Knights and the basketball team Hunter Pirates and served as a model as well. It was as a model that she was cast on the Miss Universe competition as Miss Australia. Jennifer also worked as a choreographer for a dance team on hip hop and ballet tours in Australia. She revealed on 22 October 2019 she delivered a baby girl named Frankie Violet.

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