Glimpses from the past

Glimpses from the past - Under Sugarloaf

Glimpses from the past -

How many people remember Athol Stanley Hilditch?  When prospecting in the Pilbara area in 1957, he discovered the area that became known as Mt Whaleback.  Mt Whaleback is/was the world’s largest open cut iron ore mine, which earned the name because the hill resembled the shape of a humpback whale. This area became world known as the biggest highest grade of iron ore.

Athol was an Amateur Prospector and miner, and he is recognised as being the discoverer of this iron rich area and it took some years before he could convince others that the distance from the coast did not preclude this area being mined. C1961.  A quietly spoken retiring man, he became a Millionaire by chance.  It was during his time at Western Australia that he became known as Stan rather than Athol.

Athol Stanley Hilditch was born in 1904  “Down the Lane” at Holmesville to Harry & Susan Hilditch.  Susan was the grand daughter of Joseph Holmes, the founder of Holmesville.  Athol went to School at West Wallsend Primary, but he and his family moved to Western Australia when Stan was still young. They went to Kalgoorlie, then to the Pemberton area. He died in 1992.

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