Principles for long-term financial stability

As a real estate owner, as part of a long-term strategy to create capital, you appreciate the value of putting a resource into working for you. However, there are other money and finance values which are relevant to note as part of your larger wealth building understanding. From making a clear retirement strategy to saving surplus cash for unpredictable times, here is some eternal capital and the ideals of investment to motivate you and your colleagues.

Save the bucks
If you learned this idea in Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Pay yourself first,’ ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ or you’ve always been a conscientious saver, getting into the habit of saving sets solid foundations for the rest of your wealth-building practices. Save at least 10 per cent of every dollar you receive and increasing the percentage every quarter to that end.

Cash is king
It’s important to have ample funds available in unpredictable and turbulent times, so you have freedom of options and funds to fund monthly expenditures if appropriate. Ideally, you will want to keep your monthly costs in cash for at least six to 12 months. If you do not already have this, set yourself phased investment milestones (three months, then six months and then 12 months), and continue to develop your cash reserves.

Pay off any debt which does not yield profits
Pay off credit card interest, bank loans and other non-revenue-producing obligations before you spend or make any new financial games. In certain situations, the rate at which these forms of debt accumulate are not worth keeping at, so you must pay it off as quickly as possible.

Trust in you
Looking at the balance sheets of some of the world’s leading corporations, you might find that 10 per cent of sales is usually earmarked for research and development. Think about yourself as a business and spend 10 per cent about your profits to continue educating yourself by books, workshops, educational activities, and some other motivational initiatives that can raise your visibility.

Know the game is long
We all know the saying, ‘If anything is too good to be real, it is definitely so,’ and when it comes to capital and investment, it is particularly wise to note. Mind the long game of saving and spending just as you do for buying and keeping land on time horizons that are both methodical and studied.

Note, before you make any major decisions about your investments or investing, you can talk to a financial advisor for personalised advice. The values outlined here are for general purposes of educating and encouraging.

Note this article is not financial or legal advice. Please check with your financial and legal specialist counsel before making any decisions of your own.

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