Karrawong Kindy 0-3

Karrawong Kindy 0-3 years

We believe in providing an environment that is encompassing respecting a child’s right and need for belonging, wellbeing, supportive relationships and safety. Aid an atmosphere that promotes parental confidence by the provision of quality care. We believe children gain positive self-identity and confidence when valued in an inclusive, responsive and nurturing environment which involves Karrawong Kindy giving the children and families that security of being ‘a home away from home’ underneath the mountain of Mt Sugarloaf where the Currawong birds fly.

In our centre, shared with children, their families, staff and the widened community we strive to work in a collaborative partnership embracing and empowering the diversity of knowledge, culture, ideas, beliefs and values to enrich the lives of our children. Through this connection we are able to give children greater opportunities to flourish and become responsible and respectful people of the world.

As Educators we believe it is vital that we continue to reflect on our practice, approach and program to ensure we are teaching with intention and respect, adapting our practice in response to the ever changing and dynamic need of our community. We value the diversity of strengths and abilities of Educators and capitalise on these to support positive outcomes for children, families, and for themselves in their valuable role.


11 Withers Street West Wallsend NSW 2286