Kapoor’s Kitchen

Kapoor's Kitchen

We are a family owned and operated Indian takeaway and restaurant located in West Wallsend, providing authentic Indian cuisine to Newcastle and surrounding suburbs.

Indian Cuisine is knowns for, its rich culture, heritage, age-old recipes, ancient herbs and spices. Indian food has conquered hearts like no other cuisine has and Kapoor’s Kitchen celebrates this rich food by serving traditional dishes, which brings authentic and exotic flavours from the land of the East.

Our Chefs have carefully crafted a menu that represents the best assortment of dishes that the Indian cuisine has to offer; from fragrant to pungent to warm spices, all flavours have been given adequate representation. Taking inspiration from this menu, we prepare world-renowned Mughlai and Tandoori dishes, distinctive Indian breads and handmade desserts, delicately blending all the ingredients to create a fine harmony of taste and aroma in your mouth. Dine in at our restaurant or take your meal home to enjoy.


66 Carrington Street, West Wallsend NSW 2286