Humble Heart Yoga

Humble Heart Yoga will have one class per week (at the moment) Tuesdays 09:30am at Susan Shiner Dance Academy, West Wallsend with a hope to add more in the future. Holding a non-judgmental, warm and safe space it will be the perfect place to become curious and join Emma on the Mat. Open to “every-body” classes will be of a gentle and mindful nature.  Bookings Essential.

Humble Heart Yoga was conceived in May/June 2020 and is due to birth 3rd November 2020.  Born into life and founded by Emma a Yoga Teacher she has always believed that a community shouldn’t have to travel too far to experience the benefits of Yoga, in all its facets.  In this current time there is a definite need for moving the body, calming the mind and learning the benefits of the connection between Mind, Body and Breath.

Emma’s Yoga Journey started a few years ago, when she couldn’t get passed “Is this all there is, there has to be more” Medically diagnosed with anxiety and mild depression, solace was found in the physical practice of yoga, the mindfulness, meditation and breathwork that is also a key player in Yoga as a whole.





61 Carrington Street, West Wallsend NSW 2286