Decluttering in Spring

Again, this time of year — the time to clean and decrease in the spring. Although you might be doing a lot of this during the different lock-down periods (or maybe you are now based in Melbourne), taking some time during the month to properly decontaminate your room would make your home bright and breezy before the warm summer months.

The advantage of the tips is that in one day, you don’t have to turn the house upside down. Be patient and approach one room or even one cupboard at a time. The biggest point here is to keep things between trading, donating and wasting so that by the end of the month you can do what you need to do. Below we have described some of the stuff you might think of.

Tidy kitchen up
Begin with the cupboard and refrigerator to get rid of some food after the expiration date. Check your freezer and dispose of everything that has been kept in it for too long (usually a few months is a reasonable maximum). Second, if you do not already have one, group all odds and ends together, such as batteries, light bulbs, trash bags and wraps.

Bag inventory
Many of us prefer reusable grocery bags for the supermarket which ensures that in your kitchen and car you can easily find a huge set. Connect this to your pile of handbags, backpacks, bags for flying, bags for overnight and beach bags, and more bags than a month! If you wish to remove your luggage, pick each item you have accumulated and put the items so you can see it all. Just hold what you enjoy to use all the time.

The Robe
The closet is one of the most important locations for decay. If you have been looking at everything packed in your collection for a while, take out all your things and decide what to do. If you don’t want to look at your entire closet in one day, you will do this in categories such as suits, jackets, skirts, shorts and shoes.

How many items in your bathroom cupboards have been collected? Perhaps there are those that you haven’t seen for a long time. Go through the bathroom to dispose of unused items to decide what to do with things you ever use.

Decluttering must not be an intimidating activity which takes a whole weekend unless you are, of course, under the pressure of time for a transfer! Take the time to declute the home, because you are sure of what you are holding and letting go. You may not get rid of as much stuff as you thought, but because of this phase you may actually enjoy the stuff in your home even more.

Note this article is not financial or legal advise. Please check with your financial and legal specialist counsel before making any decisions of your own.

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