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Blackalls Park - 5069 on Down Special, 1 April 1972, NSWGR

Blackalls Park is a suburb of city of Lake Macquarie local government area in New South Wales, Australia. It is to the immediate North-west of the town of Toronto. It has a population of 2,753 as per 2016 census. Early industries here were farming and broom making. The suburb was named after the first family that lived here. It was called Blackalls Platform due to the rail station here for some time. The nearest public school is Toronto Public school though the town has a small public school. The suburb is well rated for its parks and recreation, childcare and eating out. It has a waterfront park. It is good for professionals, families with children and retirees. It is a fast growing peaceful community suburb. It is a decent neighbourhood with good options to buy and sell homes.

Real Estate in Blackalls Park
Median selling price for houses here is $465,000. This is at an increase of 3.3% in the period April 2019 – March 2020 compared to last year. Median selling price of homes in the previous year was $450,000. Total sales of homes was 37 in the period April 2019 – March 2020. Home sales peak in May, September and November every year. The median rent for homes is $350 per week at a growth rate of 3.9%. This is for 55 homes that went on rent in the last 12 months. Median selling prices for units is $332,000 as compared to the same last year at $365,000 . This is at a fall of -9% in the last 12 months as compared to the same in the previous year. Total units sold were 10 in the last 12 months. The average median rent for units per week is $310 at a growth rate of 4.9% . This is for 6 units that went on rent in the last 12 months. Blackalls Park is good for property management as you can buy and sell homes and units currently.

Population in Blackalls Park
This suburb has a mix of families and retirees. There are 42% couples, 37% are couples with no children and 20% are single-parent families. Seniors above the age of 60 are over 750 people. Between 40 to 59 years, there are about 700 people, and between 20 to 39 years there are about 600 people. Below 5 years, there are about 150 babies and toddlers while between 5 to 19 years, there are about 525 children.

Income in Blackalls Park
Weekly household income is $1500+ for about 350 households. The same is between $500 to $1499 per week for another 425 households. About 175 households earn below $400 per week. 32% of the suburb’s residents are employed in full-time work, 19% in part-time work, 3% are unemployed and 41% are not in labour force accounting for children and babies.  These figures are as per 2011 statistics. 72% of them drive their car to work and 2% worked at home.

Homes in Blackalls Park
There are 87% separate houses as types of dwellings. 12% semis or terraces and 1% flats are available here. 40% homes are fully owned, 38% are purchasing homes and 20% are living in rented accommodation. Real estate here is good for both investment and rental purposes. No Bull Real Estate is a well-known real-estate agent with a credible reputation. They specialise in Property Management and help you in getting good real estate investments.

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