6 Bookshelf Ideas

6 Bookshelf Ideas - Under Sugarloaf

Although many homeowners have enjoyed some time in the last couple of months to get lost in home improvement ventures, there are still plenty of things you can do to upgrade stuff in your rental property as well. You can’t, of course, rip your kitchen cabinets or paint the walls, but by reorganising and redecorating you can make little upgrades to your place. We’ll outline six top tips for organising your bookshelves in this article.

Take it all off the shelves
The first thing you need to do is take everything out of the cabinets, leaving a blank canvas for yourself. This method will help you put things back on the shelf that would not belong, plus the open room will inspire you to think about new fashion choices.

Attach baskets to the shelf below
If you have a relatively large bookshelf, consider adding a few baskets to the bottom shelf for storage. These baskets are a perfect place to store odds and ends, so do not end up cluttering your shelves. Whether your bookshelf is in your living room or anywhere else you ‘re using blankets; these baskets are a great place to store your cozy warm winter scarf or a small throw blanket.

Attach one, or two plants
Breathe new life into your bookshelf by adding a few tiny green plants. The plants will add some colour to your shelves while providing a nice way of splitting up various sections of a shelf.

Now think about how you are likely to order books
There are many ways you can order your books. You may order books by their colour of the spine for a decorative flair, thus creating another focal point for your shelves. Or, if you want to become realistic, you may be able to arrange your books by author by topic or alphabetic order. This all depends on what your collection goals are for you to place back on your shelf.

Place random things all over the shelves
A bookshelf is not just for pictures and books. You may try to add other things and stuff like trinkets from your favourite trips or a special candle. Just watch out where the candle is located if you light it up!

Try to put things together 
It’s a good way to focus your attention, keep your things sorted and leave negative space on the shelf. Experiment with which things fit best and go from there as you put everything in your shelves.

Reorganising your home parts is a perfect way to add a certain design style to your home without breaking the bank. Try out the tips above to see how your bookshelves can be transformed.

Note this article is not a financial or legal advice. Please check with your financial and legal qualified counsel before making any decisions on your own.

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